My friend Greg always calls any version of job as a “yob”. What yobs you working on? No idea why, but it’s funny. He also calls a jumpsuit, a “yumpsuit”. Go figure. One of my recent yobs was shooting a construction site and housing development for a real estate company. I love weird yobs like this that make you work a little harder to get good shots. It’s good photo practice and excellent yobbing. Here are a few from the recent yob site…werkin’ it:

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  1. I would guess that “yobs” comes from the spanglish pronunciation of the letter J. Many years ago a del taco drive through employee asked me if I’d like to try their new “Spicy Yak Quesadilla.” I was almost laughing too hard to order.

  2. a friend of mine would say “sheese” (cheese) and “sheetos” (cheetos). so when talked about girls, he would say “that girl from gym class, cheese pretty.” and I would just chuckle and agree.

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