Satta Massagana Massive

sattadubAnyone who doesn’t know me might not know this, but my girlfriend’s last name is Satta. The significance of that may be lost on the non-reggae-nerd, but in my head the first thing that comes to mind is the classic Jamaican jam called Satta Massagana. Basically, for me to meet a girl named Satta is up there with a barista-geek dating someone whose last name is Espresso.

The term Satta Massagana loosely translated means “Give Thanks” in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. The reasons Jamaicans are singing Amharic phrases has to do with their interest in Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selaissie who was hailed as one of the world’s first black leaders. It’s an interesting history if you’re into it and explains a lot about modern roots reggae and what they are singing about.

So for this mix, I dug out the best of my 45s with the Satta Massagana rhythm and put them all together to make this hour long Satta mega-mix…give thanks!

Satta Massagana Massive by King Shade on

…or download the mp3 here!

Satta Massagana intro from the movie Rockers:

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