rub-a-dub mix vol. 1

If you don’t know, rub-a-dub is the period of music that bridged 70s roots with the more digital dancehall of the late 80s. I had been wanting to make a mix for a while and while pulling records I realized I have a lot of it, so I named this Vol. 1 with the idea that I would make at least another if not a few more to cover all of my favorite rub-a-dub jams. If you would like to read up on this period of music, Beth Lesser has a free e-book available, though you should also purchase her other books because her photos are amazing, including the one above. You can download the pdf here!.

Download the mix here, or listen below…


Josey Wales – Baby Come Home
Sugar Minott – Upon The Level
Hugh Brown – Gimmie The Music
Charlie Chaplin – Chalice
Josey Wales – It A Fi Burn
Sister Nancy – Chalice A Fe Burn
Lone Ranger – Living As A Poor
Peter Ranking & G. Lucky – Tired of Walking
Billy Boyo – She Wicked
Dickie Ranking – Rock In The Atmosphere
Yellowman – Lost Mi Love
Billy Boyo – Billy Boyo In The Area
Nicodemus – Suzie Wong
Nigger Kojak – Penitentiary
Nigger Kojak and Liza – Black Skin
Josey Wales – Who We Baby
Tristen Palmer – Entertainment
Sister V – V’s Version

King shade rub-a-dub vol. 1 by King Shade on Mixcloud


  1. What kind of style do you really wanna play?
    Say what kind of style are you really gonna play?
    A rub-a-dub stylie.
    Say rub-a-dub stylie

    Thanks for the education as always Mr Ape!

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