pictures of strangers…

Yay new facebook privacy settings.. I have no idea who these people are.. I think it’s mostly in Bremerton, Wa. though (across the sound from Seattle.. I think..) Anyway, thanks for the memories, strangers..


  1. the group picture of those young punks (or do I mean to say punx?) is SICK. This whole collection of pictures is what I am all about on a rainy day morning!

  2. hehe must be somewhere near Seattle (plus they’re drinking Rainier!)…. some of my favorite things: chick in last pic is wearing jeans with pantyhose, first photo: everyone is shitfaced and the skateboarder is smoking.

  3. These are totally awesome!!! I never use the word awesome, and these photos made me use the term! This photos show a form of teenage happiness that I fear does not even exist anymore! Prove me wrong oh teens of today!

  4. I do love the Sears portrait. Maybe you could fabricate one of those really annoying NPR naselly-voice-over quests where some annoying young under-employed fellow sets out to find these mysterious strangers, and tries to turn him showing up on the middle-aged former punks’ doorsteps into a book deal.

      • did you see the guy-who-found-the-roll-of-film in Park Slope and went to Paris to return it? I was obsessed w/ that one. He was the ultimate nasally voiced whiner. And the people in France were kind of “fuck off” about it. It was funny.

        • oh, and the “doing something really predictably quirky, writing a blog about it, and thinking a publisher will pay you a sweet advance for it” would be a good nope. Spoken as a former literary agent.

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