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Hi friends,

This past year I’ve spent a good amount of time floating in the ocean with a camera that looks like something out of a Jacques Cousteau film to produce a collection of images that I’ve posted about often. Ever since, I’ve had a lot of requests to sell prints of the photos which has taken me a while to do because I wanted to sell to the early-interested at a fair price because printing large photos on professional papers costs a lot of money.

I’ve recently figured out that if I offer these more like a Kickstarter campaign than a continuous shop I can sell the prints at a price much lower than if I printed them individually, while at the same time you would be greatly helping me build a foundation for easier printing in the future. With that in mind, I’ve opened ordering at these reduced friend-rates for the next two weeks. We definitely have a “you help me/I help you” kind of situation here, so please purchase, share, link, etc. so that beginning next year I can offer these up on a more consistent basis.

Shot from the water on 35mm film, these museum quality inkjet prints on heavy paper are ideal for framing. All are available in two sizes, though I highly suggest the bigger (26 x 40) which you can see framed in the picture above.

Thanks again to everyone who has commented, shared, and shown interest, it really means a lot to me!

xo steven.

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