mj’s mix of radical reggae 45s

Back when I had a writing job that took about 10 minutes a day to do what they expected, and payed really well, I spent the rest of my time ebaying reggae 45’s. Sometimes I would buy whole lots of records off one collector. Somehow I ended up with a pile of singles that someone had written “J B” in marker on every side of every record. I figured it would be fun to piece back together JB’s mix, so I recorded only JB records for this one. Unfortunately JB wasn’t that memorable of a name and I somehow mislabeled it as MJ. Like Donkey Kong and other misnomered classics, MJ is here to stay…

p.s. How awesome is that spiderman label? Like, so awesome.

MJ’s Mix of Radical Reggae 45s by King Shade on Mixcloud

mj’s 45s zip! (70 mb)


  1. I once purchased a whole collection from the mother of a selector who had passed away….as I went through the collection I found that it almost mirrored my own personal collection in a really eerie way — tunes that I always thought of as my own secret perversion were on display and other tunes that I would have flipped out on were there; so as the days went on and I finally listened to everything I realized that dead selector would have been my great friend had we met each other. It was sad but also exilerating to both discover and lose a person in the same moment.

  2. That’s awesome.. you should post up a mix if you can remember the specifics! I bet he would love to know he got one last drop out there. For some reason I always guessed JB had passed. The guy I bought these from had no idea what they were. JB and I definitely shared a love for lovers hits of the mid to late 80s.

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