Velo, 2nd Gear…

I’ve got a few pictures in this new book from the fine people at Gestalten. It’s a really great read that covers a wide range of fringy corners that dot the modern bicycle landscape with piles of beautiful photos to match.

paperfriends show at rapha sf

Preparations and photos from my show at Rapha’s San Francisco Cycle Club this February. If you are near the area, check it out, it’ll be up for another month or so. You can also see a close up of the photo wall here. Special thanks to Rapha, Golden Saddle Cyclery, Majaco, my friends, family and everyone else who came and made it the best weekend in a while, XO! [portfolio_slideshow width=710 height=473 crop=true]

Southbay Backpage

Years ago, I was in the backseat of a car that my roommate was driving. It must have been a few days after Valentine’s Day because his girlfriend in the front turned back and laughingly blamed me for the fact that she didn’t get a Valentine’s Day present. Confused, I quickly asked my friend why he dropped the ball on the holiest of relationship holidays. He answered by reminding me that I had said roses and chocolate were a terrible gift. It’s true. Unless delivered with skilled ironic panache, roses and chocolate are a terrible gift. And though I would …

rapha cycle club photo wall

Last month I put up a show at the Rapha Cycle Club in San Francisco. Aside from drawings, water bottles and tshirts, I made this wall of photos that I’ve taken over the years of bikes, friends, and bikes and friends. Seeing it all together was really great and gave me an overwhelming appreciation for the amazing friends I’ve made through riding bicycles. If you’re in San Francisco in the next few months, check it out! Or click and drag the image below for the next best thing, it might take a few moments to load. XO! Steven [photonav url=’’ …


Not gonna lie, I like taking pictures of birds. I mostly use an old 70s zoom attached to my 5d. Get into it, because they are the closest thing to dinosaurs we have — and they fly. What more do you need? [portfolio_slideshow]