Whenever I’m shooting something, I always end up snapping a picture or two of people’s feet. i’ll admit I feel a bit like the son in John Water’s Polyester when I do it but it’s not a perv thing. I just like shoes and foot style in general, I think it says a lot about a person. I thought I’d dig through my photo’s and pick some of my favorite feet.


  1. I love this. I used to take event photos and often admired the shoes of the party guests, so I’ve got a few shoe shots myself. I think it says so much about a person. Especially in New York City, where our shoes are like our cars, our main mode of transport.

  2. Thanks! You should dig up a set.. Ill post them. People love the feet pics for some reason. And a few of those were event jobs.. shooting feet is my goto if it’s getting boring.

  3. I have tons of pics of this sort. It’s gotten so bad that many of my friends know I love feet pics and they’ve started giving me found feet pics/taking pics of their feet especially for me. Let’s just say I understand this particular brand of not-perviness.

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