eek-a-mouse mix..

Or.. eek-a-mix. If you don’t know the mouse, you should. And if you do, you know why he gets his own mix. In my car I have this ipod car stereo that has to be the worst thing ever designed. The “select” button actually changes depending where in the menu tree you are, how confusing is that? Someone just wants you to crash using this thing. So I just leave the ipod on shuffle and skip songs. You really get to know your music when you run that style for a few months. I learn stuff like, I have a ton of Kool Keith and Jorge Ben, I’ll always skip Wilco (why do I even have Wilco mp3s?) and I never skip an Eek-a-Mouse song. Something about it just never ever gets old to me. The first song on the last mix I posted was Eek, and I got a bunch of requests for a whole mix. All from girls. Girls love the tall mouse (remember that dudes and put this mix in the arsenal for that day you talk the hippy girl home from the vegan restaurant to check out your vegetable garden). What more can I say? You’ll either hate it or love it, check out the video if you want to know what “it” is. It’s so good.

Eek-A-Mouse Mix! by King Shade on Mixcloud

…or download it!


  1. That would make sense.. I like both of them… and girls, who are also from Venus..right?

    I wrote a long Tesla article once.. I should find it and post it on here.

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