dub-platters especial..

reggae-45-3I had this Idea once. Well I get lots of ideas, but this one I actually did. As I was going through stacks and stacks of records, I’m constantly making piles of possible themed mixes. I had this one stack of records that had really great B-Sides, so here was the Idea: pick a mix just for the b-sides (which in 70s reggae is usually some type of dub/instrumental of the A-side) and then record a second mix of the A-sides in the same order. It was interesting to hear what the A-side mix was because I really only choose the songs off the instrumentals. Anyway, seeing that most of this stuff is good A or B side, both mixes came out really nice, but you can be the judge of that..

Dubplatter Especial A-Sides by King Shade on Mixcloud

Dubplatter Especial B-Sides by King Shade on Mixcloud

Both mixes zipped…(lotsa mb)

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