Dangerous summer 80s mix..

I love 80s reggae. When I was 19 I moved to California for the summer. I would go to the flea market in Oakland where this rasta dude sold mix tapes of 80s hits. 90s dancehall was just starting to kick in, driven by the shift from weed to crack in Kingston, and I just wasn’t into it. That shit gives me a headache. When they toned it down a bit by the late 90s dancehall got good again, but there is a whole chunk in there that is 99% awful. But 80s? So good. I discovered Tenor Saw at the time and rasta homey made me a whole Tenor Saw cassette of every song he could find. 15 years of searching for Tenor Saw songs later, I have to admit he didn’t have them all but did a pretty good job of getting close. I made this mix thinking of that summer because this is my summer music. Seeing that it’s like a million degrees here on Nov. 2nd, it seems like an appropriate time to post it up. Indian summer.. bumba-clot! The dangerous part comes from a Conroy Smith song on the mix that was one of my favorite hits that summer in California. Get into it..

Dangerous Summer – 80s Dancehall Mix by King Shade on Mixcloud

Or click for downloadable zip!


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