crank angle/bad tempo riddim…

temp0If you don’t know.. sometimes in Jamaica, dudes will all use the same track and do different versions. this rhythm is called either Bad Tempo or Crank Angle. Not sure where the names come from. I believe the first song by Anthony Red Rose was the original track, but I’m not positive on that. All I do know is I love all these songs. Be sure to check out the Gregory Isaacs track at the end.. so nice.

Crankangle Mix by King Shade on Mixcloud

crank angle zip! (35 mb)


  1. Red Rose’s Tempo is the First Tempo and was King Tubby’s Digital counteraction to his former student’s King Jammy’s massive SLENG TENG riddim. Crank Angle was Tony Asher’s instrumental cut on the riddim. And I am officially the reggae nerd…

  2. And! Tenor Saw’s Fever was, in fact, on a version of Tempo — which is cool because the “fever” riddim is what Courtney Melody jumped on to create the greatest song of all time….NINJA MI NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!

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