Honestly, I don’t know much about this label. After I post this I’ll probably send it to Scratch Famous at Deadly Dragon to fill us in with the story, because I know he knows it. All I know is that for a while when I was going ebay crazy on collection collections, I bought a box of records from some guy in Vermont who had closed a store, and it included a ton of Corner Stone represses. I started listening to them and made this mix off my favorites. I love this mix, the songs are all so good. And. That’s all I got for you. The labels are yellow, the music is great. I guess that’s all you really need to know.. enjoy!

A Collection of 45s from the Cornerstone Label by King Shade on Mixcloud

…or download it!



  1. Wicked mix!!! Here’s some more info: the producer of Corner Stone was a dread named Mikey who lived right next door to the Freedom Sounds yard owned by the late, great Bertram Brown right in the heart of Greenwich Farm! Great early 80s rub a dub!

  2. yea that’s a great song.. although.. are there any happy minibus songs? My favorite is that Peter Metro ‘Tired of this walking” song. “Ya too damn crazy…” Cornerstone was kinda the emo of rub a dub. Buncha heartbroken dudes.

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