sscxwc ’11

A few years ago I was shooting three days of pictures with Rapha in SF that just happened to be right before the single speed cyclocross word championship so I took some pictures there too. I thought I had lost these pictures in the shuffle until just a few days ago when I found them which made me happy mostly because I really wanted the picture of my friend Andy stoned on medicinal cookies and posing in the blue suit….yay

Ocean Prints

Hi friends, This past year I’ve spent a good amount of time floating in the ocean with a camera that looks like something out of a Jacques Cousteau film to produce a collection of images that I’ve posted about often. Ever since, I’ve had a lot of requests to sell prints of the photos which has taken me a while to do because I wanted to sell to the early-interested at a fair price because printing large photos on professional papers costs a lot of money. I’ve recently figured out that if I offer these more like a Kickstarter campaign …