baby love… what’s that about..

[mp3t track=”″ title=”baby love!” bold=”n”]

I couldn’t get to a question today, so I thought I’d post a classic. Sometime in the early nineties, someone gave me a cassette of cell phone calls. Back when cell phones were basically glorified walkie-talkies, all you needed was the correct receiver to listen in. I think the tape was all recorded in Northern California around Santa Rosa. It was pretty entertaining on the whole, but nothing stuck out like baby love. An epic moment of pure relationship transparency that would be painful to listen to if not for the fact that it is so entertaining. Not for the light-hearted, this gets deep. Well, not really. Check it out, memorize the lines and crack your friends up with such classics as “I wanna lick and fuck yer toezzz” Hee haw.


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